Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Llandaff - 22nd August

A balmy evening, but very windy here with some heavy drizzle most hours after midnight.

Usual species present and in decent numbers for a change, however,  a nice migrant, Palpita vitrealis, was a pleasent surprise. Photos via phone, lovely moth but would just not settle down.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Creigiau - Thursday 18 August

Put the weekend box out early to beat the incoming bad weather and got 105 moths of 40 species in/around the box. There were  20 Large Yellow Underwing and 15 Grass-veneers ( 11 A.tristella and 2 each of A. selasella and A. straminella). Unusual was 8 Brimstone Moth! Coxcomb Prominent was the only new one for the year.

Got an unusual view of a Spectacle

and a nice shot of Aspilapteryx tringipennella

Only one I'm not sure of - is this a Bryotropha sp (possibly B. affinis)? Quite small at 5-6 mm and very dark. ID assistance appreciated.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Tiny but distinctive

Among the usual seasonal moths in the Llandaff North garden trap last night was this Ectoedemia decentella, one of the few Ectoedemia species with distinctive markings.

This is a recent arrival in Glamorgan with previous county records in Dave Slade's and Chris Manley's gardens. The larvae feed in the keys of sycamores.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Bridgend 16th August

Night before last, 101 moths of 27 species in our MV garden trap. New for the year were Apple/Spindle Ermine (agg), Cypress Pug (first since 2014), Dusky Thorn, Common Carpet, Small Square-spot, Shuttle-shaped Dart and Flounced Rustic. We've also had female Common Darter and Common Hawker in the garden, the latter taking a Brimstone moth.8 species of Butterfly have been visiting our garden budleia, verbena and potentilla including Brimstone and Holly Blue.


Llandaff - 17th August

With the weather ever so muggy and the threat of thunder, I was on for a promising evening of trapping, but the full moon most likely put the kaibosh on it.

Not a lot around sadly but best of bunch was a lovely Pyrausta purpuralis and a Cypress Pug.

Not from round here...

Some friends in Dorset had an infestation in their bird seed so I brought a little back. Three of these have hatched over the past couple of days.

62.062 Plodia interpunctella. Indian Meal Moth

Maesteg query.

              Caught this tuesday night and am thinking Epinotia cinereana.
              Any thoughts please?