Monday, 29 May 2017

Garnwen, Maesteg dusking this evening.

                    Adaina microdactyla

                   Lampronia luzella

Hensol Forest, Saturday night

I was frustrated not to be able to get out trapping away from the garden during last week's hot spell, so had to content myself with a session on Saturday night - by which time the heat had gone and a chilly wind was blowing. As a result I was surprisingly pleased with the result - 69 species in 3 hours in mixed woodland at Hensol Forest. The temperature held up at 13C throughout, and it stayed cloudy - which no doubt helped as the moths kept arriving throughout.

I used the 'three card trick' of 125W MV, 6W actinic and my newly acquired 3W LED trap (electrics supplied by Paul Batty in Sheffield, 'retro-fitted' onto a Heath trap body). The LED trap performed slightly better than the 6W actinic, and contained the night's best moth - Epinotia subocellana (6th VC record I think), as well as a Little Thorn.
Other minor highlights included Waved Carpet, Barred Umber, Map-winged Swift, Green Silver-lines, Orange Footman, Square Spot, Dwarf Pug, Grass Rivulet, Alder Moth,  Epinotia tedella, Ancylis mitterbacheriana, Argyresthia conjugella, Mompha raschkiella and Cydia fagiglandana.
Green Silver-lines
Waved Carpet
Ancylis mitterbacheriana
Argyresthia conjugella
Mompha raschkiella

Talbot Green

The species list is building nicely now, with Sloe Pug being the latest in the 'more interesting' category.
I've also got a better photo of the Cydia cosmorphorana from last week:

Central Roath

Roath late May: A Toadflax Brocade 28th (4th site rec. & earliest) and a Chamomile Shark 29th (New ST17 & 3rd Cardiff rec.).

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Merthyr mawr today.

            At least 50 Adela croesella were flying around the Buckthorn tops.

             Cauchus rufimitrella

             Notocelia cynosbatella.
Four spotted footman larva.

Stigmella trimaculella

The recent hot spell brought just one new species for my garden list, the tiny but distinctive Stigmella trimaculella. It has slightly odd markings, but I don't think it can be anything else. I've seen the leaf mines of this species on the poplars down by the Taff, about 500m away.

Graig, Llantrisant

A couple of weeks ago I was at The Graig and saw what I thought was Eucosma aspidiscana in an area with lots of golden-rod (the foodplant), but it flew off before I could net it or get a photo. I was back at the site today to look for Anania funebris, and in the same spot were two Eucosma aspidiscana flying in the sunshine. I managed to net one this time.

As far as I know this is the first VC41 record, just a few days after Dave had another tortrix new for the county less than a mile away!

I also saw one Anania funebris (too fast for a photo), eight Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, and several Cauchas fibulella.

Endothenia nigricostana query

Prowling our garden in Creigiau this afternoon and spotted several Diamond-backs, but none would pose for a picture, and managed a 'grab-shot' of a Nettle-tap's bottom. However, the main event was spotting Endothenia nigricostana at the back of one of the flower beds. I did see these last year, and had left a clump or two of woundwort in the beds to see if they would return - hopefully they  have.

Prior's Meadow, Gower. 25th May

Quite windy but after a very warm day, 27 degrees here, it seemed it would be warm overnight so....
Still windy at dawn but around 80 species, mostly pretty flighty. Best for me was a distinctive Lead-coloured Pug which I've only seen once before, and not in Wales, but it got disturbed in the wind by a blundering Pale Tussock as I went to pot it, so no pic. I'll have to try for another.
Also good news was this Lobesia reliquana which I see is only the second VC 41 record, and new to me. The Ectoedemia albifasciella was only 3mm long so I nearly missed it, plus a couple more nice to see.
 04.089 Ectoedemia albifasciella

20.019 Argyresthia conjugella

38.025 Elachista atricomella

47.006 Epermenia falciformis

49.184 Lobesia reliquana

Llandaff - Garden - 25th and 26th May

The two warmest days of the year and first time moths in decent numbers.

29 Species with a couple of micros still to identify.

1 - Argyresthia cupressella

Highlights being Poplar Hawk, Light, Emerald, Figure of Eighty, Miller, Yellow-barred Brindle, Alder Moth, Marbled White Spot, Small Seraphim, Seraphim and Coronet. Do excuse images, I've not had time to arrange better at present.

Talbot Green

On Thursday night I caught this little tortrix, Cydia cosmophorana. I had a vague recollection of there being a previous Glamorgan record, but I can't see it so my memory is presumably flawed. And so my new garden chalks up it's first county first!

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Merthyr mawr last night.

                            Mottled pug

                           Micropterix tunbergella

                           Strophedra weirana.
                           91 species in all. Temp still 17 degrees at 2AM.
                           Highlights - Phoenix, Scorched carpet, Green arches,
                           Pretty chalk carpet, Waved umber, Alder moth, Broken
                           barred carpet, Orange footman, Carpatolechia proximella
                           and Incurvaria oehlmanniella.

Roath & beyond

Alder Moth & Small Clouded Brindle at Roath 26/05/17. 3 Silver Y this am. At Parc Penallta 26/05/17 Painted Lady, P. purpuralis, Silver Y, Mother Shipton & Burnet Companion. 
Small Argent & Sable & Argent & Sable, together for comparison. Not a great photo I'm afraid. (MCP & DRWG). 

Friday, 26 May 2017

Abercregan last night.


                 Beautiful snout

                 Silver hook

                  Alder moth.
                  47 sp in all, inc- Grey pine carpet, Red necked footman,
                  Golden rod pug and True lovers knot.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Merthyr mawr last night.

            Gynnidomorpha vectisana, 6 at dusk on the saltmarsh.

            Cream spot tiger

             Fox moth

             Lobster moth

             Rhyaconia pinivorana.
             47 species in total, inc - Seraphim, Light brocade, Alder moth,
             Treble lines, Shears, Elephant hawkmoth and Heart & dart.

Gowerton garden query

Had this in the trap yesterday morning, Wednesday, which I have put down as an unusually marked Gracillaria syringella. Does that look right?
Gracillaria syringella

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Llandaff North - recent trapping

Recent garden trapping has produced a moderate diversity of moths, but everything in small numbers. Highlights have included Orange Footman (3rd garden record), May Highflyer, Rustic Shoulder-knot and the intermediate form of Peppered moth (f. insularia).

Prettier than all of these was the Cherry Bark moth Enarmonia formosana which was on our porch window a few days ago.

Bactra species ?

Obviously hopeless with micros (and pugs) so once again requesting help with this one found in the trap at the weekend. Possibly a Bactra sp .... ?

Monday, 22 May 2017

possible Narrow-bordred 5-spot Burnet Catepillar

As I understand it 5-spot and 6-spot have short body hairs, but the caterpillar below has what I would say long body hairs, which would make that Narrow-bordered 5-spot Burnet. Which is a species we have not recorded in the Llynfi Valley. the plant leaf is Yellow Iris and it looked like it was attaching itself to the leaf getting ready to pupate. The area is well away from the site where I record 5-spot, 6-spot regularly as adults. Thoughts welcome.

Creigiau - 21 May

A sunny afternoon and I was really surprised to see Micropterix calthella on buttercups in the garden. Seeing them all over the place at the moment, but never before seen in the garden.

Also saw this little beastie soaking up the sunshine on one of the shrubs. The images were 5 minutes apart so I'm thinking it may be the same individual but, once again, I have no idea what it is. The second image has been inverted to see it the right way up.