Thursday, 22 June 2017

Llandaff - Garden - 22nd June

A much cooler evening thankfully last night and really blustery here in Llandaff.

A smaller catch with a just a few highlights, Pyrausta purpuralis, Light Arches, Lychnis, Plain Golden Y, Alder Moth, Miller and a very nice Sycamore.

I'm hoping for some migrants.

Heatwave moths

I trapped every night in my Llandaff North garden during the heatwave, and like others I also enjoyed good results. In fact it was better than good - the 96 species in my MV trap on 19th June was the best I've had, in terms of species, in 10 years living here - and by some margin (previous highest total in the low 80s). No doubt mostly due to the weather but a few other factors may have contributed: 1) I've taken to putting the trap down on the lawn rather than up against the house, 2) I've replaced the rainshield with an upturned pyrex bowl, which seems to allow the moths to enter the trap more easily, 3) our local streetlights have been replaced recrently, the new ones being whiter but much less bright and with less light spill.

During this spell I've had 6 micros new for the garden: Crambus pratella, Bucculatrix ulmella, Dioryctria abietella, Phtheochroa inopiana, Coleophora frolichiella and C. deauratella.
Crambus pratella
Dioryctria abietella
Coleophora deauratella
Other species rarely recorded here have included Red-necked Footman (I'd had one in 2013 which I'd forgotten about when commenting on Stephen's post), Slender Pug, Small Seraphim, Scarce Silver-lines and Exoteleia dodecella.

Creigiau - 18 June

First 100+ box of the year with 54 species - 17 were making their first garden appearance of the year and one of these, Red-necked Footman, was a new moth for me. Highlights were Red-necked Footman (4), Beautiful Golden Y, Brown China-mark and Crambus pascuella (5).

Also had a couple of confusion species in Double Square-spot and Triple-spotted Clay.

And .. as always, some micros. The first is very similar to one posted by Vaughn recently, which I also think may be a Hedya sp.

and we have two others that I would be grateful for ID assistance

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Merthyr mawr last night. 10 - 2:30AM. 22 - 20 degrees.

                     Clouded magpie

                     Blomer's rivulet

                    Brussel's lace

                   Lozotaeniodes formosana

                   Celypha sp?

                  Celypha sp?

                   680+ moths of 112 species inc 110 double square spot and 30+
                   of Light emerald, Buff arches and Double line. Also Fern, Pale
                   mottled willow, Clay triple lines, Red necked footman, Muslin
                   footman, Scallop shell, Beautiful hook tip, Eulamprotes wilkella,
                   Hedya ochroleucana, Eudonia delunella, Aethes beatricella and
                   Coleophora anatipennella.

Parc Slip

We had our 5th highest ever haul of moths on monday night with 360+ moths of 94 species (not including those that escaped - the trap was full of lively geometrids...). Lots of lovely moths as you'd expect at this time of year with highlights being our first ever Rhyacionia pinivorana and shears. There was also our second ever july belle, Tinea semifulvella and figure of eighty. Other species that we've hardly ever caught before: red-necked footman (3rd and 4th ever), beautiful carpet (3rd ever), bordered white and small yellow wave. Plenty of others obviously with Argolamprotes micella always nice to see and double line was our most numerous species with 21...thanks to Paul for being there to help with some of the numerous micros!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Bridgend garden night of 18Jun17

The night before last was a hot one and we had our best session for a long time with 132 moths of 52 species. Five of these were new for the garden; Argyresthia bonnetella, Coleophora lineolea, Bryotropha affinis, Blastodocna hollerella and Pammene fasciana taking the garden list to 411 (269/142). The following were all new for the year, Apple Leaf-miner, Bud moth, Pammene reggiana, Crambus pascuella, Crambus perlella, Scoparia pyralella, Eudonia lacustrata, Anania coronata, Udea olivalis (first since 2010), Crescent Plume (2013), Buff Arches, Common Emerald, Common Carpet, Cypress Carpet, Brown Silver-line (2009), Swallow-tailed moth, Mottled Beauty, Elephant Hawkmoth, Miller (2013)Mottled Rustic, Uncertain, Marbled White-spot (2006), Fan-foot and Small Fan-foot. We also caught 3 species of caddisfly (Little Black Caddisfly, Small Silver Sedge and probable Lepidostoma hirtum).


Llangynwyd last night.

               Pammene germmana. A pair in cop and a single. There
               are only two previous county records of this in TMOG,
               I don't know if there any recent ones?

                I potted this small pug thinking it was maybe Valerian,
                although it was in a thick wood. Close to Haworth's in
                wing pattern but wrong abdomen colour. Any ideas?

                 Aleimma loeflingiana.
                 72 sp in total, up to 1:30AM inc 6 Double line, 3 Waved carpet
                 and an out of place Red necked footman, which seems to be
                 abundant this year.

Cwmdulais SN615034

Yesterday I recorded 113 species in the big trap, with highlights including Opostega salaciella 1, Incurvaria oehlmanniella 1, Argyresthia conjugella 2, Argolamprotes micella 1, Pandemis cinnamomeana 8, Apotomis turbidana 1, Anania stachydalis 1, Eudonia delunella 1, Fox Moth 5, Smoky Wave 1, Small Yellow Wave 1, Narrow-winged Pug 1, Lilac Beauty 1, Lobster Moth 2, Scarlet Tiger 1, Red-necked Footman 10, Pinion-streaked Snout 2, Dark Spectacle 1, Coronet 2, Pale-shouldered Brocade 1, Double Line 4, Striped Wainscot 4 & Triple-spotted Clay 12.


There was a Hummingbird Hawkmoth at Cosmeston this morning at approx ST173698, at the far end of the eastern paddock.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Broughton 17/6/17

A very productive night, 67 moths of 39 species of which six were new for the site taking our list there since 2014 to a nice round 200 species (142 macro / 58 micro). The new ones for us were Eulamprotes wilkella, Bramble-shoot moth, Buff Arches, Barred Yellow, Sharp-angled Peacock and Beautiful Golden Y. A few nice ones popped up like Small Elephant Hawkmoth and Ingrailed Clay.

Central Roath

Not too much over the last few 'warm' nights: Highlights Cypress Carpet (15th), Beautiful Hook-tip (18th - 4th rec. & earliest) & Ash-bark Knot-horn (Euzophera pings). Of interest, just totted up my VC41 (Glamorgan) Macro list - 508.

Llandaff - Garden - 18th June

A roasting day along with a very toasty evening. It was almost 18C at 4 am here in Llandaff.

The trap was flooded by literally hundreds and hundreds of caddis flies, from around 11:30 pm.

There were some very nice moths, but I think the reason for the total amount of moths overall may have been casued by the vast amount of caddis flies. They were causing the moths insde the trap to fly around and out of the trap. That being said the highlights were, another Plain Golden Y, two gorgeous Scarce Silver-lines, a Red-necked Footman and a Scarlet Tiger. The latter two being new to the garden.

A couple of micros I still have to do my best to Identify.

Marbled white spot?

Apologies for the terrible photo but is this a marbled white spot seen on Gower on saturday?
I know it's a distinctive moth usually but I'm having doubts - maybe it's the heatstroke...

Parc Slip

Trap was set last thursday at Parc Slip - nothing particularly exciting but highlights of the 40 or so species were probably our second ever ghost moth (a female, the other was in 2012) and Pseudargyrotoza conwagana. There was also this tortrix - is it a faded Hedya pruniana?

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Help to identify

Hi all, just got back from Broughton this weekend where last night's catch is still being summarised (67 moths of 39 species). I'm a bit stuck on two species, so if anyone can help, we'd be most grateful. The first one I thought Homoeosoma sp possibly nebulella due to markings, or lack of them, but realised its not on the County list? so must've messed up - is it sinuella? The other one is a Mompha we think, but which one if so? One of the Divisella / bradleyii agg? Cheers, Mike