Saturday, 13 April 2013

GMS week 7, Llandaff North

Disappointing catch of just 3 moths last night, but with the temperature falling to 3.4C perhaps not surprising.

Early Grey 1
Nut-tree Tussock 1
Hebrew Character 1

These were my first GMS moths since week 2 (8th March)! Strangely this is one of my earliest records of Nut-tree tussock, but my latest ever 'first date' for Early Grey.

Nut-tree Tussock

Meanwhile in the front garden, a Mompha divisella flying in sunshine at 7am with the temperature just 4C.



  1. I fared better in Llanishen in spite of a similar temperature.
    Twin-spot Quaker,
    Diurnea fagella,
    Hebrew Character x2,
    Common Quaker x2,
    Clouded Drab x2,
    Early Grey x4
    Also an Early thorn wing shows the blackbird beat me to it.

  2. Identical minimum, George. I had a reasonable catch, though not a patch on the one earlier in the week:
    Brindled Pug x 1
    Oak Beauty x 3
    Small Quaker x 2
    Common Quaker x 1
    Clouded Drab x 1
    Twin-spotted Quaker x 1
    Hebrew Character x 2
    Early Grey x 1

    Also, yesterday evening, I found a Herald sitting on the inside of my greenhouse door. My greenhouse has masonry to bench top level and permanent benches, so it is likely that the herald overwintered in there, in the relatively cool, stable conditions under the benches, taking its chances with the giant, mutant house spiders that live under there.

  3. Unable to trap on wednesday - my designated GMS night, so trapped on thursday night instead.

    Dawn temp was 5C.
    Early Thorn x1
    Oak Beauty x1
    Red Chestnut x1
    Clouded Drab x1
    Common Quaker x2
    Hebrew Character x2
    Chestnut x2

    All bar Oak Beauty were new for the year.

  4. Good to see others are getting decent catches even if I'm not. I guess the cold, largely dry March has probably been less damaging to moths than was last year's cold, very wet April.

    Hopefully apart from the delayed emergences this year not too much harm will have been done by the late cold snap.