Thursday, 4 July 2013

First half, Llandaff North

How bad has the first half of 2013 been for moths? I've just had a quick look at my garden data in MapMate, and surprisingly it doesn't seem to have been as bad as I thought. Here are the summaries for the January-June period each year:

2007: 116 species (36 trap nights)
2008: 112 species (29 trap nights)
2009: 101 species (34 trap nights)
2010: 115 species (20 trap nights)
2011: 139 species (45 trap nights)
2012: 150 species (56 trap nights)
2013: 141 species (38 trap nights)

Decent catches over the last two weeks in June have certainly boosted this year's figures, but I am still surprised that 2013 is second only to 2012 in terms of species trapped.



  1. I bet if you ran the same stats up to the end of May you'd have a very different picture!

  2. I ran my trap 8 times to 31/05 and recorded 15 species