Thursday, 15 May 2014

Micropterix at Coed y Bedw

I've spent a bit of time in Coed y Bedw over the last couple of weeks and i was pleased to spot some non-calthella Micropterix while I was there. I believe this is M.tunbergella?
And this one is M. aureatella? Lots of the latter flitting around on bramble earlier in the week. Both beautiful little moths.


  1. Nice photos Vaughn. I saw aruncella in Monmouthshire today, so that just leaves the rare mansuetella unrecorded in South Wales in 2014.


  2. And good records too - we don't get many reports of these two in the county.

  3. Thanks George - I struggled to get any even vaguely sharp as it was dark and they were skittish!
    I also saw M.tunbergella at Castle-upon-Alun last week.