Wednesday, 4 May 2016

So far this year...dreadful.

It's still early in the year but so far I've had very, very poor results on the nights I've fired up the garden MV trap. I've not reached double figures on any night, most mornings it's been less than a handful, including three or four blank nights, last night a sole Hebrew Character
The best moths so far being a Streamer, new to garden, Iron Prominent and Pebble Prominent. I do hope it picks up soon.


  1. The same here. Dismal indeed and apart from some more coastal areas, it seems to be widespread in Wales. Of course, it will probably reflect on the breeding success of the current flight generation of moths and so the number of moths flying and catches we have this time next year too; regardless of what weather we have then.

  2. I'm giving it another go this evening as it's supposedly going to be warmer than the last few nights.

    Fingers crossed.

  3. Same here. Keep at it Stephen! We've been garden MV trapping for 12 years now and are approaching our 400th trapping. We never give up and you have to take the blank days with the good ones. Good luck!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement. Sadly, last night was another wash out with just four moths, two Early Grey's, one being in the trap the other on a nearby wall, a Brown House-Moth and Light Brown Apple Moth. Nothing really to get out the bunting. I'm going to leave trapping till the weekend when temps are set to rise.
    Godo luck all.

  5. Echoing Emma's comment, just stick with it; it will have to improve sometime. We are experiencing an unusually cool spring, following on from a freakishly mild and wet autumn and winter. Who knows what all that has done to overwintering larvae and pupae, but things will improve. I've been trapping since 1998 and as I live at 200m altitude, in the north of the county, I am well used to disappointing catches: they just make the good catches seem even better.
    I've got my trap out tonight, as it has a good feel to it.