Saturday, 14 May 2011

Polish moths.

Epichnopterix plumella
Dewick's plusia
Grapholita gemmiferana
Scarce dagger
Epinotia huebneriana (I think)
Scarce chocolate tip
Tau Emperor.
Rich Andrews thoughtfully brought an actinic light trap on a birding trip to Poland this week. Here are some of the more interesting ones seen. I think i have them all correct....


  1. Poland is an amazing country for leps: Dewick's Plusia & the Conformist are a gripper Sid. Seen Tau Emperor. Unfortunately I can only 'do' the lights around our hotel and using my net. I'm hoping for Pallas's Fritillary in the primeval forest. Good photos.

  2. The Tortrix Epinotia huebneriana is actually Pseudococcyx turionella - Pine bud moth.