Saturday, 18 August 2012

Cwmbach GMS

It was a balmy 14 C last night, so despite the patchy rain I recorded 29 species, including my first ever Double Kidney, which I completely failed to photograph. It is now a rare occasion when I can add a macro to my life list.
A Copper Underwing was a herald of things to come (I actually let out a groan of dismay when I saw it) and the best of the rest were:
Pyrausta aurata.
Marbled Beauty.
Carcina quercana.
Evergestis pallidata.
Dingy Footman.
I'm hoping to run my skinner at upper Tirfounder fields tonight, for the first time in years. The target will be the Olive, which I've had there before, so I hope an evening of fending off drunks will be worth it.

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