Saturday, 11 August 2012

Parc Slip (Part 2)

Adding to Paul's post - we had a total of 96 species at Parc Slip last night, between two MV traps and an Actinic.

Highlights in addition to the species in Paul's photos were Double Kidney (4), Blue-bordered Carpet, Southern Wainscot, Least Yellow Underwing, Devon Carpet (4), Willow Ermine and the tortricids Epinotia cruciana (Willow Tortrix) and Phtheochroa inopiana. The latter two species aren't often recorded away from Gower/Swansea.

Epinotia cruciana

Phtheochroa inopiana

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  1. A good night had, by the look of it. I'm particularly envious of the Double Kidney. I've had the Olive at Tirfounder fields, in the past and I'm hoping I might get the chance to try for it there again this month, but I've never had Double Kidney.