Thursday, 9 August 2012

Roath Central

Two new species for the garden this am: Small White Wave (New ST17) & Azalea Leaf Miner. The latter seems quite well established in Cardiff, so it was only a matter of time before I caught it. The former was a surprise, I didn't think this species would be new for the 10km sq. However looking at the distribution map for VC41 it is a very local species in Glamorgan. Also of note a Small Ranunculus (18th site rec.) & Endotricha flammealis (Rosy-flounced Tabby) 4th garden record, finally a Small Dusty Wave (166th garden rec.) - sorry to all those in the north, central & west Glamorgan who are still waiting for this species to venture out of its SE hinterland! Still very few migrants.


  1. Maybe worth noting re migrants, 26 Silver Y here in Rhoose on the 5/8, so they have been arriving but only 7 last night. Also have seen several Small Dusty Waves this year.

  2. I had Small Emerald on the same night, but I see you've had a couple of those in the past.