Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Two more pics of this moth yesterday. It was just over half inch (5/8*) long. The underwing was a off white with a pale greyish fringe, bit like black rustic but fringe more pronounced. I know the reniform stigma has a whitish edge, not unlike cabbage moth, but the absence of any pronounced subterminal fascia which all the cabbage moths I have seen, has been strongly present - in this moth it doesn't show up well, if at all. I must admit I cannot for the life me see why I called it a Brindled Green - although I did the trap after a night shift! Any suggestions welcome.
As for this am, only real surprise was banded Riband Wave and my first Blair's S/k.
[* = Can't do foreign measurements, Imperial only I'm afraid. Just ask MCP, he has to translate to me when out in the field.]


  1. Yes, I would say Black Rustic also.

  2. It still looks more like a Cabbage Moth to me, note the thin white sub-terminal line which is strongest in the tornal and sub-apical areas, also the pale dorsal half of the post-median fascia - none of the characters are shown by BR. It's good to look a little more critically at our commoner species every now and then, but still happy to be proven wrong.

  3. PS. I hope there's nothing rarer we're missing!

  4. Hmm, I wasn't convinced on that Barry, but I think my problem was the colour, and looking again I wonder if the brown background has upset Jake's camera. Ignoring the colour, the markings do certainly fit Cabbage better than the various members of the Cuculliinae that have been suggested.