Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Parc Slip

Not a bad night last night - 26 species plus this one - is it well-marked enough for someone to id please?
Apart from the sallows and frosted orange, highlights for me were green-brindled crescent, dusky thorn and angle shades. Migrants were represented by a single silver Y and a single diamond-back moth. Also a couple of Pandemis cinnamomeana which I haven't caught here before. 

The main feature of the trap were the caddisflies however; we normally catch a few but there were dozens in there this morning. Can anyone recommend a good id guide for them as it seems a waste to ignore them.


  1. I think your micro is probably Cydia ulicetana.

    Not for the feint-hearted, but really the only option for Caddis is:

    Caddis identification relies greatly on genitalia I'm afraid.

  2. Thanks Dave, I had a feeling the caddis id wouldn't be that simple!