Monday, 13 June 2016

Creigiau - 11 June

Best catch of the year so far, 100 moths in/around the trap including 18 Diamond-backs - although many more were in the air when I was taking the box in.

39 species were identified with 12 new for the year - Double Line, Elephant Hawk-moth, an Ephestia sp (prob, E parasitella), Green Silver-lines, Long-winged Pearl, Miller, Riband Wave, Ringed China-mark, Satin Lutestring, Small Grey, Small Seraphim & Tawny-barred Angle. An Endothenia nigricostana made an appearance but it was looking quite worn.

Double Line

Elephant Hawk-moth

Green Silver-lines

Long-winged Pearl
In addition there were 3 unidentified Pugs and two unidentified micros. Can this little beast be identified please?


  1. It's a Bactra, most likely lancealana.

    What is Small Grey by the way?

  2. Thanks George, I'll log it as Bactra sp. (poss B. lancealana).

    The common/English name for Eudonia mercurella - a bit early this year as all my previous records are July/August.

  3. Thanks Howard - what a boring name, I prefer the scientific name for that one.