Wednesday, 12 August 2015


We ran another moth/bat walk at St Augustine's Church in Penarth last friday night and attracted in a few nice species though i was overrun with marbled minor aggs in the two hours the trap was running...
Dun-bar was new for the year for me with the crowd-pleasers being rosy foortman, swallow-tailed moth and marbled green. It was also nice to have 4 different varieties of yellow underwing to show people; large, lesser, lesser broad-bordered and least.
It's difficult to do micros easily when surrounded by people (especially very enthusiastic children) so i only recorded a couple (Anania coronata, Light brown apple moth) but my colleague grabbed some phone pictures of two others if anyone would like to attempt an id i'd be grateful!

Hedya sp.?


  1. Think the plume is monodactyla. The other one looks like an Apotomis.