Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Bactra species ?

Obviously hopeless with micros (and pugs) so once again requesting help with this one found in the trap at the weekend. Possibly a Bactra sp .... ?


  1. Yes, Bactra sp. In my garden all those I've dissected have been lancealana, which is by far the commonest species in the genus.

  2. Thanks George. I had it pencilled in as B. lancealana but thought/hoped it looked a bit like B. lacteana. Next time maybe ...

  3. It could be lacteana, but only one way to find out...

    1. hi george
      Unusually I do still have the individual - missed ti when I released the others - and although it probably will turn out to be lancealana I am intrigued by this one. Would you be able to do the necessary? and if so how will I get it to you?

  4. Sorry Howard I only just saw this. I could collect it sometime - just stick it in the freezer. Hmmm I only just remembered about those December moth eggs too...I guess I'm a bit late for those now!