Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Creigiau ID help please

These are the micros and pugs from last week that I have failed to identify. Don't know why I bother with Pugs - most of the ones I see are plain worn out and surely destined for the anon directory.Each of the images is of a different individual.

When I saw the first micro I thought it was going to be Tinea sp - one of the clothes moths, but I haven't been able to match it. No idea on the second one.

Grateful for any pointers.


  1. Your Pugs are:
    1 - Grey or Golden-rod
    2 - Common
    3 - Brindled or Oak-tree

    The 'Tineid' is Prays ruficeps (or possibly Prays fraxniella f. rustica)
    The other one is Mompha epilobiella.
    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks Dave.
      I would have scored 1/3 for the pugs - I had pencilled in Common Pug for the second one. I have a single record for each of the two micros so maybe should have done better with those. ;)