Thursday, 4 May 2017

Creigiau - 02 May

A disappointing mid-week box considering how mild it was but nothing disappointing about what came in. Only 13 moths of 10 species, including first Shoulder Stripe of the year and two that are completely new .... if my IDs are correct. Parornix anglicella and Semioscopis steinkelineriana.

Grateful for confirmation/correction.


  1. I don't think Parornix can be safely identified without dissection Howard, though your photo is excellent.

    Well done on the steinkellneriana, only around 16 county records of that.

    1. Thanks George. It said as much in Sterling & Parsons, but it is still a new species/family for me.

  2. You don't necessarily need to dissect Parornix, but one of the key characters is on the underside of the forewing which is tricky to see on a live insect.