Sunday, 8 July 2018

Bute Park moths

BC held a now-annual moth event in Bute Park Education Centre on Saturday morning. I set three traps (2 x MV and 1 x LED) in the secure nursery area on Friday evening and thanks to excellent weather conditions there were plenty of moths on show for the event.

The highlights among 75 species included Four-spotted Footman (male), Epiblema foenella, Double Lobed and Bordered Sallow.

The turn out from the public was excellent with nearly 70 people coming through the doors during the two hour session, almost half of them children. There were craft activities but the kids also got to enjoy the Buff-tips and Elephant and Poplar Hawks in the traps. Thankfully Howard Burt and Gareth Stamp were on hand to help out with the many moth-related questions, otherwise I'd have been totally overwhelmed!

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