Friday, 22 June 2018

Caerau old pit reclamation site, Maesteg [SS8694]

4 Forester were seen today all pretty worn, also seen  were a 1000+ 5-spot Burnet. I have recorded both species of 5-spots here in the past [through larva ID] and both colony areas had adults on the wing. The other feature of today were the large number of butterflies on the wing which included 100 Small Heath, 50 Meadow Brown, 10 Ringlet, 40 Common Blue, 5 Dark Green Fritillary, Small Copper, Speckled Wood, 10 Small Skipper, 5 Large Skipper and a single Dingy Skipper.

 Typical Forester habitat
 5-spot/Narrow-bordered 5-spot Burnet
 Small Copper
Dingy Skipper

1 comment:

  1. Good to know the Foresters are still there Martyn, and interesting to see the habitat photo.

    Amazing to have Dingy and Small Skippers on the wing at the same time.