Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Creigiau - 03 June

A warm, muggy night so the box went out into the garden. 50 species including a number of micros which I have had a go at identifying, but not particularly confident. Several of these would be new species for me so would be grateful for confirmation/correction.

Bactra lancealana ?

 Different individuals but are these the same? Crambus ericella or pratella

Cydia pomonella & a Glyphipterix sp

Hedya ochroleucana ... maybe?

I think these could be Rhyacionia pinicolana & pinivorana.


  1. I'll give them a go.

    Bactra lancealana, Cydia pomonella, Hedya ochroleucana and Glyphipterix thrasonella.

    However, the bottom left I think is possibly Argyresthia cupressella.

    Those are the ones I'm a bit more confident to have a punt at.

    1. Thanks Stephen. The H. ochroleucana, G. thrasonella and Rhyacionia would be new moths for me ... as would be the Crambus pratella.

  2. Howard, the two Crambids are Crambus lathoniellus I'm afraid.

    1. My first reply must have got lost in the Devon ether.

      Thanks Dave. Disappointed that I missed on the IDs but C. lathoniellus is also a new moth for me so quite pleased with that.