Monday, 18 June 2018

Creigiau - 16 June

Box out on a breezy Saturday night but the temperature stayed up (min 13C) and I had 39 species in/around the trap. First ever Light Arches & Small Elephant Hawk-moth and a few for which the ID is eluding me.

Could this be Crambus uliginocellus or (more likely) the more common C. pascuella ?

A Cnephasia sp ... ?

and these two are just annoying !


  1. Your crambid is richly marked, but otherwise looks perfect for uliginosellus - good spot!

    1. Thanks Barry. That makes it another new moth for me. 3 new species on the same night in the garden - suitable pleased.

  2. PS forget the Cnephasia, the Minor is almost certainly Rufous (but will need to be logged as marbled agg.) and that looks like The Rustic to me.