Friday, 1 June 2018

Parc Slip

Wednesday night proved the most productive of the year so far at Parc Slip with the temperature not dropping below 16. About 220 moths of 70+ species including 4 new to the site following the 5 new ones last week: orange footman, seraphim, Elachista subalbidella and Glyphipterix fuscoviridella.

There was also over 20 FFY including the second ever Coptotriche marginea, 4th ever Mompha locupletella, cream wave, lesser cream wave and foxglove pug along with plenty of showy species for the visiting Chinese delegation (!) to see - poplar hawk, blood-vein, buff-tip, green carpet, flame carpet, peach blossom etc. Hopefully Paul might have a couple more micros to add to the list after looking at his photos...(thanks for your help yesterday!)
Non-moth interest was provided by a cockchafer, black sexton beetle, Tipula maxima and a birch shieldbug.

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