Friday, 11 April 2014

Holly Blue

In the garden today, posing nicely.

Also a male Brimstone, my first here since 2011.

George (Llandaff North)


  1. Nice George! Speckled Wood here yesterday, and a pair of Muslin Moths this morning amongst the usual suspects for the time of year. Also seen a few early Shuttle-shaped Darts over the last few days.

  2. Lovely photo George. We had plenty of brimstones, speckled woods and the first (for me) orange tips of the year at Parc Slip.

  3. Thanks chaps. I'm back to using my old Coolpix 4500 after an unfortunate incident with my Lumix FZ150 involving a saline ditch. Rather took the gloss off my last day in Mallorca. Partly stupidity and partly sheer bad luck.