Tuesday, 1 April 2014


I see lots of Mullein moth caterpillars feeding on Mulleins, Water Figwort and Buddleja round here, but I have never until last night found adult moths in the garden trap.

At least I assume it is Mullein.  Waring and Townsend suggest dissection is required to separate Mullein moth from Stripe Lychnis and Water Betony.  Is it OK to record as Mullein Moth, or does it need closer examination?


  1. At this time of year it has to be Mullein - if you get one at the end of May or later then it might be worth taking a closer look. It is easier to check the caterpillars when you see them though to make sure we've not got an undiscovered population of Striped Lychnis at Rhoose.