Saturday 23 November 2019

Merthyr mawr

     Pammene giganteana. First county record

     Pammene argyrana. Last recorded in Glamorgan in 1923.
     I caught these two tortrix at Merthyr mawr dunes on 24/5/2017 and gave them to George Tordoff for dissection. They were thought lost until refound this week! Thanks George and to Dave for confirmation.

Monday 11 November 2019

Barry, 10th November

A good mix in the trap from Sunday night including Merveille du Jour, December Moth, Red-green Carpet, Yellow-line Quaker and two Silver Y. The surprise was the Sprawler - doubly so as I hadn't checked to see how scarce it was here (GMS folks always seem to get them here and there). Poss. 6th record for Glamorgan and 2nd since 1917 (Thanks to George)! I shall have to try to get a better pic...