Friday 16 November 2018


Nothing exceptional to write home about on what was an exceptionally mild November night. A darkish example of Pseudaryrotoza conwagana is a week later than the previous latest Glamorgan record and a Dark Arches just missed the latest record for that species by one day, Veronica Shenston having recorded one at Cwm Ivy on the 16th Nov 2001. Migrants limited to just a few Silver Ys and a Diamond Back Moth. A Cypress Carpet two days ago was just the 5th garden record of what has been an annual visitor since 2015.

Postscript: Just found this on the bottom of the trap when tapping out (8th garden record)... 

Abercregan last night.

               December moth

              December moth

              Scarce umber.
              9 species to the MV last night up to midnight. 22 December moth,
              8 Feathered thorn, 8 Yellow line quaker and 4 November moth agg
              on a damp but warmish 10 degrees evening.

Monday 12 November 2018

Late Vapourer

There was a male Vapourer flying in the Alun Valley this morning. A few years ago I saw one in Barry in early November but this is the latest I've seen one. Also a Red Admiral flying in the warm(ish) sunshine.

Saturday 3 November 2018

Dotted Chestnut - Creigiau 2013

Having just read Barry's post re Dotted Chestnut, I had a look on Aderyn to see if my 2013 garden record was there and was surprised to find it wasn't! The only record for ST08 is a 'historic' 1857 record in Llantrisant.

I was new to trapping moths and used to post images on a website called 'Back Garden Moths' for help with identification. The site is no more but I have 2 garden records for Dotted Chestnut, 09 & 12 April 2013 (images below). I only grabbed images of the first one, and as it was so distinctive I obviously didn't make the effort for the second.

Later that year I started submitting records to Dave at SEWBReC, sending spreadsheets of all my records to date but this one doesn't seem to have made it through to Aderyn which is a shame as it would add a modern record to the mix.

Friday 2 November 2018

Dotted Chestnut at Cwm Ivy

Veronica Shenston caught this first for Gower last night. There are ten 21st Century records from the east of the county, but I believe this is the first modern record for the west of the county, the only other being an 1887 record by Vivian at Port Talbot.