Friday, 21 July 2017

Cadoxton Ponds

I trapped at the Dow Corning site that we manage (Cadoxton Ponds) on tuesday night despite the forecast of thunderstorms and I'm glad we did as I had a few moths that were new to me and at least a couple that are uncommon in Glamorgan I believe. Over 340 moths of 100 species in total with over 30 newly recorded for the site (it's only the 8th time I've trapped).
Highlights for me were dusky sallow, Monochroa palustrellus, Epiblema foenella, the crescent, Coleophora trifolii (about 8mm in length and noticeably bigger than another metallic Coleophora caught), vapourer, ghost moth (female), garden tiger and diamond-back moth amongst many other lovely moths. Most frequent were smoky wainscot (35) and lackey (18). Apologies for the quality of all the photographs - my excuse(s) are very poor light, strong wind and tiredness...
Dusky sallow
Monochroa palustrellus

A few I would like help with please:
1. Batia lunaris?

2. Blastobasis lacticolella?

3. Elachista sp.

4. Gypsonoma dealbana?

5. square-spot rustic?

6. Not sure

7. faded wormwood pug?


  1. 4 and 6 are both Lobesia abscisana. I agree with the other dets!

  2. Great record of the Monochroa, only 2nd for VC41 I think, the other record being from Gower. Nice moth too.