Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Merthyr mawr 26 june 2017.

                          A recap on this tortrix from a few weeks ago. It is a perfect match
                          with Chris Manleys pic of Celypha aurofasciana, caught at Prior's
                          meadow in june last year. That was a first for Wales and I had 3 to
                          the light at Merthyr mawr on this night.


  1. I'd forgotten Chris had had it last year. Seems to be on the increase then. I'm trapping more of them in the in-laws garden in Cornwall than I used to.

    Nice record anyway!

  2. And many thanks for IDing it George!

  3. Looks like Barry had one in Glynhir, Carmarthernshire this week too.

  4. Congratulations Paul. Seem to have started a trend! Some more from Prior's Meadow above.