Saturday, 8 July 2017

Parc Slip

I set the trap on wednesday night and had a very busy trap in the morning with 280 moths of about 90 species. Plenty of FFY with buff footman, phoenix, swallow-tail, Argolamprotes micella (x5), Donacaula forficella (2nd ever), Paraswammerdamia nebulella (3rd ever) some highlights. I also had a lot of micros, some of which I need help with please and most of which would be new if confirmed. 2 new species I am pretty confident about include Apotomis semifasciana and Epagoge grotiana. Apologies for terrible quality of most of the photos - my excuse is that I was in a rush...
1. Acrobasis marmorea?
2. Coleophora lineolea?
3. Coleophora trifolii?
4. Nepticulid? 
5. Not sure
6. Phalonidia manniana?

7. Pseudatemelia josephinae?


  1. 1. agreed
    2. COuld be, but hard to be sure of Coleophora spp from photos
    3. Depends how big it was. C trifolii is much bigger than the other metallic species
    4. Not a nepticulid but I don't have any better suggestions
    5. Epinotia cruciana
    6. Looks good I think, but not one I know
    7. WOuld need gen det to be sure

  2. Tricky bunch.
    1. Yes I think A. marmorea
    2. I wouldn't do a pale Coleophora from a photo - dissection job as far as I'm concerned.
    3. Could be, but depends on the size C. trifolii is the biggest of the glossy green ones by some distance.
    4. isn't a Nepticulid - it lacks the eye caps. Maybe an Elachista or Ocnerostoma?
    5. looks like Epinotia cruciana.
    I'll get back to you on the other two shortly.

  3. Thanks both - synchronised replies!

  4. Funny that after 3 days of no replies to this post we both replied at exactly the same time! And good to see we are in agreement.