Thursday, 20 July 2017

Rhymney Estuary

I left two battery-powered traps out on the saltmarsh at Pengam Moors on Tuesday night - the last warm night before the weather cooled off. The traps were tucked out of sight of roads and footpaths - the kind of trapping Ian Morgan specialises in (see Carms blog).

There was nothing massively exciting among the macro-moths, though Round-winged Muslin is new for the Glamorgan bit of ST27 I think.

The micros did include some saltmarsh specialists - there were 9 Gynnidomorpha vectisana in one trap, as well as 30+ Coleophora and a few Scrobipalpa (the latter two will need dissecting to confirm ID).
Gynnidomorpha vectisana


  1. It`ll be interesting to learn in due course what your Coleophora turn out to be George, as (as you know) I`ve got a saltmarsh batch of undet. individuals.
    You`ve got to watch the tide on saltmarshes - not so much with regard to personal safety, but the traps left overnight.
    I remember once having to retrieve a trap that was being inundated (well, about to) by very high tides at Llangennech (Carms). I did have a crackpot idea of floating the trap and battery on a wooden pallet, but the wave action would have put paid to that!

  2. I'll let you know re the Coleophora in due course.

    Yes, a mistake with the tides could be very costly on this site! I'd checked the tides and a forecast high of 10m gave plenty of leeway; it would need a tide of 12+m to reach my traps at the very top of the saltmarsh.