Saturday 6 August 2011

Rhoose Point

47 species in the trap this morning, no great surprises apart from 2 Chalk Carpets, National b I think and one of Glamorgan's BAP species? Also the moth immediately below which I haven't been able to id. Any thoughts on that one welcomed...

Chalk Carpet

New for the garden were Eucosma campoliliana, Dingy Footman and Pale Shouldered Brocade.


  1. That'll be a Silky Wainscot - another good record

  2. Many thanks Barry - somewhat surprised to see the Silky Wainscot is a noctuid, I was hunting through the Pyralid pics!

  3. I photographed the same species in my trap in Pembs on 8th Aug. I wasn't confident in the ID as they are not common in Pembs. My pic looks just like yours!!

  4. So it does! They're not v common in Glamorgan either, so something of a coincidence!