Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Ooc: Sikkim / West Bengal

During a two week trip to the Himalayas (mostly between 1500m-3000m), we photographed over 400 spp of moth, mostly macros. I've starting sorting and identifying some of the more distinctive specimens, which give a flavour of the amazing diversity in this region.
125w lamp over laundry basket trap at Kewsing, Sikkim
Familiar species noted included Buff Arches, Flame, Dark Sword-grass, Bordered Straw, Scarce Bordered Straw, but most species were unfamiliar as shown by these tigers...
Erebidae Arctiinae Argina argus
Erebidae Arctiinae Spilarctia comma
Erebidae Arctiinae Vamuna cf alboluteola
Erebidae Arctiinae Aglaomorpha plagiata
Erebidae Arctiinae Barsine defecta
Nolidae Chloephorinae Sinna dohertyi 


  1. Some real beauties here Barry.

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  3. Stunning set of moths! Cheers Barry.

  4. Some of those almost made my eyes hurt - you should've warned us to put sun glasses on first.

  5. Makes you wonder what selection processes resulted in these designs!