Monday, 21 January 2013

Llandaff North Top10

I had these stats to hand so it didn't take long to put together something similar. I've ranked them as far as 20 in each previous year.

It's actually a Top 12 as there was a three-way tie for 10th this year. Similar to Dave, the top 3 are quite consistent although the placings change, but beyond that it varies a lot year to year. The Llandaff North and Llanishen lists are quite similar, except I have a few geometrids (Willow Beauty, Riband Wave & Brimstone) in place of Dave's noctuids (Flame Shoulder, Dot & Dark Arches).


  1. Is there a single query that will extract all this George or is it a case of running the species/site/year query several times and ranking the data?

  2. Adam,
    You just need one query - in the species summary section: 'summary by species by year for site'. Then you just need to paste into a spreadsheet and rank them each year.


  3. Yes, I like your formatting better!