Tuesday, 7 January 2014

New County List

Those of you that venture onto the county list page may have noticed that the lists are in the process of being updated to follow the new nomenclature. It is not a speedy process as there is no electronic version of the list available as yet. I've nearly finished adding in the new numbers, and re-ordering, but as I'm fitting this in with other (more important?) tasks it will be in a rather incomplete state for a while, and the new names may have to wait for the electronic list.


  1. Any idea when MapMate will update to this new system? I should imagine that a patch will be forthcoming shortly to replace the old B&F numbering - which will be sadly missed in my case.

  2. It is obviously a major update and will take a while. I don't think the B&F numbers will disappear completely and you would still be able to use them for data entry purposes.