Wednesday 26 February 2014

Just Two

With a mainly dry, fairly mild night forecast, I ran the 22w actinic garden trap, but the showers carried on through the night, with gusty winds and a minimum temperature of 3C, so I wasn't surprised to find just this slightly worn March Moth on the trap and nothing but small black flies within. Still, the March Moth was the first I've had this year and nice to see and I've since noticed a Pale Brindled Beauty of the Monacharia form, on the kitchen window outside reveal.


  1. I also ran the moth trap at Parc Slip last night as the next few nights look windy and wet. A total of zero moths in mine...we did have a dotted border by an outside light yesterday morning though...

  2. Of the last three times I have run the garden trap, I got three moths on but not in the trap the first time, nothing at all the second time and last night one moth on the trap, one on the window reveal and none in the trap.
    This evening, a Satellite appeared at the kitchen window and just when you think things will start improving, a yellow alert for snow arrives from the met office :¬(

  3. Dave Lewis had an Oak beauty on his window in Cwmavon last night.