Sunday, 9 March 2014

Coed y bedw last night

I left two 6W actinics overnight at Coed-y-bedw...I'd have preferred to do this on Friday night when the weather was better, but had other commitments. The car themometer was showing 3 degrees C when I arrived on site this morning, but it was still a healthy 10C at dusk and the catch was pretty decent, with 12 species in all.

Tortricodes alternella 1
Diurnea fagella 1
Yellow Horned 2
Pale Brindled Beauty 4 (1 f. monacharia)
Dotted Border 7 (1 ab. fuscata)
Oak Beauty 1
March Moth 6
Engrailed 3
Chestnut 3
Clouded Drab 1
Common Quaker 1
Satellite 1

Always nice to see Yellow Horned.

One of the two trap sites
Pale Brindled Beauty f. monacharia
Yellow Horned

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