Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Help required please

Can anybody tell me where I am going wrong please?
When I go to add a photo I cannot then close the 'Select a File' screen to get back to this one.
I must be doing something different but nothing seems to have any effect.
Any suggestions gratefully received.
Many thanks


  1. Chris. When i add a photo, i click on "add selected" at the bottom of the window, which closes it.

  2. If Paul's tip doesn't work try changing your internet browser Chris. I had problems a while back and that seemed to sort it out!

  3. Thanks guys. Dave has uploaded a couple of photos for me now but otherwise no luck. 'Add selected' just greys out as do all the other commands so I can't do anything. I will have to look in to another browser. Very frustrating; it used to work fine!

  4. Another thing you can try is to clear your temporary internet files. It works on the same basis of the 'turn it off and on again' method favoured by IT support teams.