Monday 12 December 2016

The Perils of Night Flying!

Out and about locally, yesterday, I came across this melancholy sight. It appears to be a Brick, which has well and truly impaled itself on a gorse thorn and was long dead by the time I found it.

Ouch!  The sad demise of and unfortunate Brick.

Elsewhere, my winter GMS catch on Friday night were singletons of Winter Moth and Mottled Umber.


  1. Maybe there was a Great Grey Shrike about?!

  2. I can't believe that is self inflicted, surely it's Shrike?

  3. I thought of that, but I really wouldn't regard the site as suitable for shrike.

  4. To be so impaled it would have had to have been flying at a fair speed ....

  5. ... and at a funny angle, but if it was a shrike, then it must have only been there briefly, as it is quite and enclosed spot, but I suppose, it might be possible. I collected the moth, so I'll have a look at it, to see if I can see any other damage to it.
    There were no other impaled creatures around the place that I could see.