Wednesday 11 April 2018

Creigiau - last night

Temperature of 10C so put the box out for a few hours lat night (21:00-00:30). Felt a lot colder when the wind picked up but 8 species paid a visit, mostly the 'regulars' but an Early Thorn was a first for the year, and the star of the show was my first ever Acleris cristana (at least that is what I'm hoping it is).


  1. Thats a lovely looking moth. It does look like Acleris cristana with those prominent tufts. Scarce to boot.

  2. Thanks Stephen. Aderyn is not currently showing any records for A. cristana in ST08 so I'm hoping this is correct.

  3. Yes, that's Acleris cristana, and yes it's another new to ST18.