Friday 5 October 2018

Abercregan last night, Oleander hawkmoth!

                                Trapped my usual Thursday night venue last night and was
                                hoping for a migrant or two in the warm southerly breeze.
                                I only got one migrant, sitting beside the trap at 10.45pm,
                                but i'm not complaining!


  1. Amazing record Paul and thanks for showing it to us this morning. Hoping to catch our own one day, as if!

  2. Well done Paul - you deserve such a great find after all the good work you`ve put into mothing over the years. When you let it go point it in a SW direction towards SE Carms (but not before I`ve turned Mr Stewart`s trap off!).

  3. Thanks Sid, a great catch. Holly loved seeing it this evening! As the winds are turning round to northerly, we're switching our trap on and hoping it comes straight back our way!