Tuesday, 26 February 2019


Having only lived in Pontycymer for a year, Saturday night was the first time I'd caught anything at this time of year. I'm certainly glad I set the trap as even though the numbers were fairly low (20 moths of 8 species) there were a couple of good ones:
Euchromius ocellea (thanks to George for the identification) is a rare migrant I believe and was unusually obliging for a photograph..Sam also caught one in Carmarthenshire on Saturday night so there must have been a small influx.
The other highlight was a Dotted Chestnut - I've caught them a couple of times but it was great to get one in my garden.
Other species were oak nycteoline, grey shoulder-knot, pale brindled beauty, common quaker, mottled grey and Acleris hastiana.


  1. Thanks for this report. I have caught two Euchromius ocellea in my garden in Ushant Island, at the top of Brittany (France) the same night (23rd feb. 2019) ! These sightings support the argument of a small influx in N-Western Europe. This species seems to be very scarce in the northern half of France.
    A link about this sighting :
    Best wishes,
    Fanch Quénot