Monday 13 May 2019

New Website

As some of you will know I have been working on a new website for the group. I figure now is as good a time as any to let it out for general consumption! The main purpose of the site is to let people see the records and maps for the species found in Glamorgan, and will be populated with photos, some of which have been collated by me from this blog and it's predecessor, others are new (and thanks to Chris in particular for many of these).

If you want to contribute or have news or events you think should be added then please let me know. I have no desire to be the sole Admin for the site so if you think you can help keep it relevant and up to date then please get in touch.

The new site can be found at enjoy, and let me know if you spot any problems!


  1. I should add that the new site does not replace this blog, so please keep posting here and submitting records in the usual ways! And thanks to Steve Goddard for letting me copy his template!

  2. Great Looking site Dave. I like the look of the visual keys. I'm looking forward to giving them a go.