Friday 2 September 2011

Ectoedemia sericopezia (again)

Following Dave's post I've had a more careful look on fallen Norway Maple keys in Llandaff North this evening, and found what I think is a mine of this species (plus scale insect)...

They're certainly less obvious than most of the images I can find on the web, which mostly show the mine extending into the wing.
Also a cocoon...

Meanwhile in the trap last night I had an Ectoedemia which might be this species, but could be louisella - any opinions, or would it need dissecting?


  1. According to Johansson et al, dissection is the safest way to separate the two species. Of course if you only had the one Acer species nearby that might help!

    By the way, your next task is to find sericopeza in Swansea

  2. Well Norway Maple is nearer the garden than Field Maple, but I guess it'll need the chop. I don't have any ilustrations of the genitalia - could I twist your arm into doing it?

    I'll certainly look out for sericopeza in Swansea.

  3. I'll do it if you want - or I could scan the figures in Johansson for you...

  4. If you don'tmind scanning the figures that would be great. E sericopeza is on the dissection group website but not louisella.