Wednesday 28 September 2011

Lavernock Ivy Blossom

Ivy Blossom at Lavernock Point this evening: L-album Wainscot (5), Large Wainscot, Brick, Sallow, Silver Y (5), Rusty-dot Pearl (5) & Acleris rhombana among a total of 14 species. The wainscots are both new for ST16 I think.


  1. George, I was at Lavernock on 27th [am] and thought the ivy looked. Good find. I think that L-album Wainscot has undergone a massive expansion in VC41 and has proved to be a very good colonizer, expanding quickly from its south Gower base. However a Cardiff specimen was surprise. Mike & I will check out our VofG ivy during the next couple of weeks, especially if this weather holds.

  2. A lot of the ivy flowers were yet to open, so should be good for a while yet.