Sunday 2 October 2011

Llanishen Stats

Back at the end of April, I got MapMate to tell me how many species I'd had in each year up to the end of that month and posted the results here. Essentially to see if the spring was really as good as it appeared. Given the poor summer, I thought it would be interesting to post the figures for my garden up to the end of September (See below). It may have been a poor summer in general, but the little bits of good weather appear to have bolstered species numbers. I've not corrected for recording effort though - I may well have trapped more regularly than previous years! Incidentally my highest year total is only 306, and I'd expect to beat this during this late summer weather!

2005 203
2006 291
2007 231
2008 200
2009 199
2010 242
2011 300

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