Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Vale of Glamorgan

Ivy blossom at Summerhouse Pt., Boverton & Lavernock Pt.
Light Emerald, Turnip Moth, Lesser Yellow U/w, Sq.-spot Rustic, L-album Wainscot [2 at Lavernock only], Brindled Green, Satellite, Brick, Lunar U/w, Pink-barred Sallow & Angles Shades.
Migrants: Vestal [1, Boverton], Dark Sword-grass [4], Pearly U/w [1] & Silver Y [3].
Also GMRG survey at Willowbrook, St. Mellons VC35, [1/10]:
Cardiff highlights: 22 species recorded, Large Wainscot [1], Oak Nycteoline [1] & Brindled Green [1]. Migrants: Rusty-dot Pearl & Silver Y.


  1. Jake, I was back at Lavernock on Sunday night, saw another 5 L-album Wainscot plus many of the other species you mention, but no Vestal, Dark Sward-grass or Pearly U/w.

  2. Our 2 L-a's were feeding off ivy & an over-ripe blackberry. We also saw a smallish crambid unfortunately we couldn't catch it, but it could well have been E. ocellea - guess we'll never know for sure.

  3. Yes not many other crambid possiblities at this time of year (haven't seen any geniculea for a while).

  4. Nothing in the valleys so far, will keep an eye on the local Ivy blossom during the next 4-5 weeks.