Friday 29 November 2013

an old pic

Came across this poor record shot of Loxostege sticticalis (trapped at Delvid Farm west Gower on 05 Aug 1995) when looking for some pics today - according to NBN this is the only Welsh record - is that correct?


  1. Barry, many of the micro-moth county datasets are missing from NBN, so to check if something is new for Wales is a bit tedious as you have to check several websites and contact county recorders for counties which don't have lists on their websites.

    For North Wales it is easier as everything is in one place on Andrew Graham's excellent website: This shows 3 North Wales records.

  2. Thanks George, a) for the feedback and b) for the link

  3. I might get into trouble for this, but I'm bored of not being able to promote it. You can also access the welsh LRC datasets from our 'new' (not officially released yet) data access toolkit. Some distribution maps are quicker than others but it should be more up to date that Gateway since many of the obstacles in getting data on it do not exist for the Welsh LRCs.

    Loxostege sticticalis map can be viewed directly here: