Monday 20 October 2014

Saturday night in Creigiau

The weather looked good for Saturday night, 16C when I put the trap out and a minimum of 14C overnight. The catch comprised 16 moths of 7 species but two of these, Blair's Shoulder-knot and Feathered  Thorn, were 'first for the year'.

There was also a Diamond-back Moth but the colouring was much warmer than the one that paid a visit in June which had an almost white diamond pattern.



  1. I haven't seen a Diamond-back for ages. The females tend to have brownish diamonds, compared to the males in which they are much whiter.

  2. Thanks George.
    I only been looking since March 2013, but was fortunate to see one in August last year and one earlier this year. Both had the white diamond pattern, and both escaped before I could get a picture. I bribed this one to keep still with a drop of honey/maple syrup mix!

  3. Actually looking at my records I did have one on 17th September - my memory is terrible!

    My highest garden count is 14 on 17 July 2009.