Thursday, 19 March 2015

Creigiau last night

At last, some moths in /around the trap!

The temperature last night dropped to 1.5C but I found 18 moths of 9 species, including three totally new to me - Yellow Horned, Tawny Pinion and an, as yet, unidentified micro. I think this may be of the Gracillariidae family but I haven't found a match yet.


  1. It is a Caloptilia, probably betulicola/elongella - but this pair is tricky to separate.


  2. Thanks George. I'll log it as Caloptilia sp.

    I usually release the moths at the earliest opportunity after taking a picture but this one must have been missed because I found it in a pot on my worktable in the garage this afternoon. Been there for over a week but still appears to be standing .... is it worth someone having a look? Neither of the species you named are on the ST08 list that Dave sent me in 2013.